Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chronicles of a Winger

Ok ... lama gile tak update blog nihhh ...
Mie pn da sound dah. Anyways at least now I have something to update. Aku da buat lagu baru.
I will host it on lifelogger sbb site kat i-bands down for maintenence. I think this song ada inti la. I was hoping to put it up on i-bands so bleh masuk countdown and hopefully beat my current record(Dark Matter no7 .. fuu top ten tuu).Lagu ni amik masa 2.5 bulan nk siapkn recording ... the concept took way longer. De yg soh aku remake Dark Matter tp de lg lagu dlm pipeline .. tp sparuh2 je la .. tgk la cmne.

For this song, you can possibly view this as a Beta version, because I think I've found a vocalist so I might re-record it or something. We'll see how it goes...

Chronicles of a Winger

Have you ever felt the urge
to feed your shoulders through his hide.
And remember keep it low
to feel the tenderness inside.

Fly, dont play it passively.
clean the rucks and feed the line to
keep it flowing.
As I'm standing on the wings.
Setting up to seize chance to speed,
Don't slow me down.

I can't seem to find,
the essence fueling passion in my mind.
Though I fall behind,
just give me another chance to rectify,

and still we rise from the pain of dislocation.
if simplified, its just another wound succumbed to.

Utilize your speed and stepping skills to run around,
Trying hardest to stay on your feet to gain me ground.


  • wow.. macho meh.. camne nak masuk i-band tuh..

    By Blogger iQbaL radzuan, at 7:17 PM  

  • ... carik band "Kiara Sunrise"

    By Blogger Shahrin, at 7:37 PM  

  • suka part yg slow dan ader piono ..
    agak best ..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 AM  

  • nice bro.. suka kat slow part tu jgk.. is that u who do the singing?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 PM  

  • nice bro.. suka kat slow part tu jgk.. is that u who do the singing?

    By Anonymous kawan lama :), at 6:46 PM  

  • cover single nk tarik aweks2 ke?? wakaka...

    By Anonymous amer cool, at 11:30 PM  

  • Nk promosi music beb .. biasaaa arrrr ... poyo skit2 takpe ar ...

    Tp xde la poyo sampai letak "cool" kat nama sniri .. kekekek

    By Blogger Shahrin, at 9:30 AM  

  • Keep up the good work.

    p/s: amer cool.. wahahah

    By Anonymous syahimi, at 7:33 PM  

  • apa kata kalo try buat 1 lagu melayu, then tgk how ur voice ...

    tp part slow mmg agak best, sebab ade piano ... hehe <):)

    By Anonymous asnita, at 8:28 PM  

  • aku suka ms strings tu.. very orchestratic >>> wujud ke word nh?? hehe.

    By Anonymous deeshizuka, at 6:16 AM  

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